I am angry to say the least. Absolutely hot . Today I have read several articles concerning fire fighting and one local article that just floored me. When I became a firefighter several years ago I was instructed to say the least that I was now part of an organization that had an unwritten code of ethics that must be at all cost followed. I am sure that allot of it was per the dept. Some was not. Let me tell you of these "ethics and see just how much you agree with. Never in any manner betray your fellow firefighter. Respect and uphold the profession and do your part to move it forward. Never leave a fellow firefighter in his time of need. Any person that is asking for your help and it is a valid request shall receive it. Children will be a #1 priority. All children who need help will receive it . I could go on but I think the point is made. These articles I have mentioned in one way or another went against what I have mentioned . One article was about a person claiming to be a firefighter whom abused 2 children and betrayed his dept. I almost puked. I would give my left leg and then some to "meet" this individual. Has the "organization" became so unorganized as to allow such things to be. When we earn the title of firefighter there are things that must be done and things that must never be done . I invite all fire fighter in every dept. Just to take one moment of a shift and give what I have mentioned thought. All one needs to do is look at the history of firefighting to find some of these "ethics". Let us all stand proud and do our duty. Those that cant, sorry you dont belong in firefighting!

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If you look at history you will find that we fought each other for the money and glory of putting out the fire. Saying that yes i areee that we have let down our gaurd as to what we allow firefighters to do and still remain on the dept. I belong to a vol. dept. that is 95% of the Mennonite faith and still we have problems, not to that extreme but. We were making up some SOP's and sent them to the commissioners and they sent them back and said that we could not have in there that you must be of good moral character. They stated that, who is to define good moral. We as a society have thrown GOD out of everything and have placed ourselves to that position and what we decide is right or wrong then that is it. The laws change so fast we can't keep up with them because the new guy in charge thinks he is right. Don't matter what subject. We have thrown out the standard, the stick to what we measure. Remember how the yard stick came about. The king got tired of people cheating with long and short armed people selling cloth,( yard goods ) so he said that a yard would be from the tip of his royal nose to the tip of his royal thumb. they made a stick that length and we have the yard stick. then they went around and put brass tacks into the counters of the stores and there is where we get the saying let's get down to brass tacks. This country was founded on GOD and the bible and we have thrown out the standard. Just like fighting fire if we don't have a standard to go by then we have neither right nor wrong. In my humble opinion the decay has come from the heart of man and is steady getting worse.
I agree....as you may or may not have noticed I tend to end my posts with "Always keep the faith"....Its my little way of reminding people about the unwritted code that we have sworn to uphold......I get sick hearing of cases as you have mentiones as I do the numbers of "Firefighters" arrested for arson....we must be held to a higher standard...we have the publics trust and that is a great honor....Enough of my soapbox speeches for today....I have to go to work....Stay safe all and remember Always Keep the Faith..........Paul
Greg, I think a lot of standards and things that used to be are now in serious question. Your insight and comments regarding the folks out there wearing a uniform and badge are a very sad commentary toward some of our members. Here's the good news, most of us know and do what's right. We are the "organization".
Through awesome forums like the Firefighter Nation, I truly believe that we can learn and share from one another and develop a deeper insight. This is specially true for our younger members and those who aspire to become a firefighter.
This link: http://www.firefighternation.com/profiles/blog/show?id=889755%3ABlo..."> touches on one situation that occurred that touched on whether you are accountable for your actions when you are off duty. Another great example of how the FFN forums can help us sort things out and make a better well informed decision, using these networking opportunities.
What is refreshing is that the FFN is a global input forum. Whether you are a firefighter in South Africa, Germany, Australia or the US, wherever, we all do this job for pretty much the same reason. Because we care.
There is a reason that people don't worry about whether the fire department is going to raid their refrigerator or rip off there personal belongings. It just does not happen because WE, as a profession, simply will and do not tolerate inappropriate behavior by our rank and file.
Thank you for bringing up this topic and creating a place for the members to share that we are all basically the same, regardless of geographical location, ethnicity, race or religion. Firefighters help people in their time of need and put there life on the line whether it's a working structure fire or simply getting out of the rig on a highway incident. What we get in return is the respect and admiration of those around us. Something that we as a profession have earned and will only keep through maintaining a professional code of ethics.
I couldn't agree more.

Even within this group, we see examples of behavior while not to the degree you cited, but behavior none the less paint the fire service in a bad light. I have a favorite saying at my department which was taken from the movie Backdraft. "You go, We go". If one of my people does something wrong, WE are all equally responsible. If one looks bad, we all look bad. I try to use this not to belittle my people, but to remind them this is a team sport.

One other thing I learned years ago, the bad always makes the news, the good doesn't make as sensational a story.
I am a volunteer firefighter. I am always thinking about how my actions would be percieved by others in the community and at my job. I too try to follow the unwritten codes of being a firefighter which I have learned in the 10 years I have volunteered to serve. I consider it a great priviledge to be part of such a great brotherhood, and it really makes me angry when I hear of other firefighters who don't chose to stick to the code. We all need to make sure that we take time to pass on these unwritten codes to all new firefighters and keep our brothers who have been in the service longer honest to these codes. The public trusts us to protect their lives and property, to help in times of need, and to always be ready to go at a moments notice. In most cases they don't think twice about being helped by the fire department, or allowing their children to be in our presence. However, it only takes one stupid, self-centered act to seriously damage the entire department's reputaion in a town. It truly is up to each one of us to do our best to assure that our brothers follow the code, both while on the job, and off.
Thank you for the response !
Thank you for the response !
Thank you for the response !
Thank you for the response !
Thank you for the response !


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