Whats your preference? I personally use the Foxfury Performance fire. I have used others, but the Foxfury takes the cake so far.

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I likes that light... whered ya get it?
I got mine from a local guy for $70.00
I have seen the Command 20 series lights on Ebay. or you could go to.
It comes in a strobe package for those who ride bikes to the fire station due to overinflated gasoline prices also... Ok I'm kidding. It looks like a good deal.

I have a bracket to hold a mini maglite. I took it off because the bracket would get bent when inside a building fire with heavy smoke conditions. With thermal imaging cameras being plentiful and the apparatus and every firefighter having flashlights (survivor series) we normally have 0 issue with lights. I DO like your helmet light strip though.
Best light out there... Give me a call I know where to get a deal on them.. Many different kinds to choose from.
E-mail me @ mcds@mchsi.com,,,, qty. discounts,, save you a bunch. or Visit Fire Saftey USA firesafetyusa.com and mention my name.. Shane McDonough
i personally prefer just a regular garrity light on the side if my helmet. they are cheap so when you burn em up u can just go buy another for a couple of bucks. i like the new L.E.D. ones because they are extremely bright. and best of all is the fact that the are small and they dont get in the way. but that does sound pretty cool how the foxfury lights have a red flasher in the back.
I prefer the regular garrity lights

I jused the UK. I have nothing Problems with this.

I have had the worse time with lights. A local shop in town sold me a flashlight kit. That one the flash light quit working the second time I used it. I also got a plastic flashlight holder that could hold I think 5 differnt lights. It broke. So I give up on lights. I just grab a vulcan from the truck.
I use a Pelican Stealthlite with a Blackjack flashlight holder ( http://www.blackjackholder.com/products.php ) which keeps the lights very stable and cannot get bent.

I'll never buy anothe rincandesent flashlight either! All flashlights I buy now are LED, or I don't buy them!

I use the UK 4aaa helmet light attached to a band with wire ties. Works well for me and has yet to fail! (knock on wood!)
I have a streamlight. 4aa led. I got it because of the clamp but I really think that I'm going to be goint to the next gen light. Using the streamlight vantage.

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