Hey, what do you guys think of someone who is pretending to be a firefighter online? I mean, really impersonnating one...has a page, chats with friends about being a firefighter, has fake pictures, etc.? The worst part? Saying a fellow brother died from his Dept. to get some sympathy, when no one did.

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Is this on FFN or somewhere else?
all I can say is its F-ed up
No...I dont think he is here. Well, he's not here under the same name, he could very well be under a different one. He had me fooled pretty well, he was supposed to be my best friend. He had a lot of us fooled.
Contact the fire department he is claiming to be a member of ... they will certainly look into it and make sure no one is impersonating a member of their organization improperly.
How can I know if someone tries to do this again? This place is legit right?? I dont have to worry about the friends that I make on here, do I??
The internet is the internet. No matter here, Myspace, Facebook, etc. the vast majority of people have the right intentions and are who they say they are. But there are always going to be people who trying to be someone they are not.

Here, impersonators and players are much more likely to be found quickly since other firefighters can easily tell what is legit and not compared ot other sites.

Like anything on the Internet, don't give your personal information to people you don't know.
Yeah, thank you. I feel pretty safe here. I also have a best friend here who looks out for me. Thank-God for guys like him: He is Lt. Greg Gaudette, in Vt. He has really been there for me. Actually, he is the first one who noticed that something was wrong, way before I did. He has been my guardian angel.
I dont want to do that and cause trouble.
Is it illegal, like impersonating a cop? Just curious....
I dont know if it is illegal. It should be!! I mean, he said he lost biological brothers in 9/11. That's not right. I cant even tell you how that makes me feel. He said his department was not online but we found it. He is not listed in the members and supposedly has been there for years and is in charge of teaching the probies!!
I dont know if its illegal or not but I do know that it is messed up. Especially saying things like he lost a brother firefighter just to get sympathy. I dont understand why anybody would want to say something like that... I guess some people just dont have any respect. I hope nobody else trys to pull something like this again but they probably will so we will have to watch out for them.

I'm going to close this thread, make sure no one thinks this guy is here :)



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