I'd like to get some opinions on this:
I want a) a wireless, hands-free, voice-activated mic imbedded in the scba mask and also b) an amp & external speaker. Anybody have one?
Anybody ever try one? Am I the only one who thinks this is valuable?
All comments appreciated.


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voice activated for radio communication?, I don't see it useful, just for the fact that if you go into a fire you talk, you curse and I don't think that that's better communication. I know I don't want it. For external speakers we have those on our scott masks and help a lot, no more screaming.
Good point. Correct radio protocol is just as necessary with a voice-activated system as it is with a non-voice-activated system and requires training and practice.

The situation I see is a transmitter in the pocket and and external hand-held mic attached. The mic cord is vulnerable to various failures and handling the mic or the radio with fire gloves on is like tap-dancing wearing snow-shoes: not impossible, but hardly optimal. Besides which, there are times when it would be, well, "handy" to have both hands free for other things and not have to choose communication OR another activity.

Glad to hear your Scott amp/speaker is a help.

Thanks for your input!

Stay Safe,

Thanks, Mike. Will do.
Think you can whip up something along the lines of what I described?

Adam I know that there are systems that attach to your amp/speaker and you only push a button for radio communication. And yes I think that there would be a lot of training involved to a hands free system, and a lot of self control.

Be careful and stay safe out there,

Thanks, Max.
I've found some push-to-talk systems, and they're definitely a step up from fumbling with a "walkie-talkie."
No doubt a voice-activated system would take some practice. But then so does a non-voice-activated system. I think it would be worth the training time.

Thanks again.

I don't know about the radio system but our SCBA's have voice amplifiers on the masks. They can be either push-to-talk or just turned on for whever. Work great in close proximity but when yelling across the room or in high noise area, not so great.
I forgot what company it was, but, they make a wireless jawbone mic/earpiece that works with the radio. I know my brother-in-law tried it at his department. I'll try to get the name.
That would be great.

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