I'd like to hear from any and all on what types of scba's you use and why. Advantages, disadvantages, how you decided. Also your view on 45 and 60 minute tanks.



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I would go with the 45 min bottles. We only use the 60 min bottles for our RIT pack. As far as I am concerned the 45 min. bottles are plenty heavy enough. When I started we used the Scott packs with 30 min bottles and last year we got a grant and went to MSA's with the 45 min bottles. At first I prefered the Scott but I am getting used to the MSA. The face mask with the heads up display and the mic makes for a heaver mask. As for how we decided, the chief decied. As far as the other brands I am not familiar with them. A district next to us has Survive Air. Good luck!
I have used Scott and MSA. At my current department we use MSA and I like them better than Scott. We are using 30 min. bottles with the MSA packs. The only thing I like better about the Scott bottles is they are harder to shut off. You have to push the valve in to turn it on and off which makes it safer than the MSA in my opinion. I was in a house fire with one of our MSA packs and ended up with a shut off bottle because I rolled the valve down the wall and shut it off. I knew what had happened and just reached back and turned it back on. But all in all I still like MSA better probably just because I have gotten used to them. I will use either one though. You will probably like what ever you get used to. I would rather have 45 minute bottles.
Thanks, FD17!
Interesting note re: shut-off. Hadn't thought of that.
my vollie dept uses scott 4500 45min bottles, scott is the only way to go, esp with the HUD(Heads Up Display) and the mic... i have used MSA, Scott, DREGER and i personally totally dislike dregger and msa. Scott is a much better designed air pack and everything and it is more user friendly...
Much appreciated.
With your 45 minute bottles what's the level for the low-air alarm?
Thanks again!
the low air alarm goes of with 15 mins of air left, myself along with the rest of the entire crew's keep a constant eye on our air level, ive always left me plenty of air, i normally only go in like 10 mins deep, and this way i got 15 mins to work, and i got 20 mins to get back out incase i run into a problem...
I like SCBA with air in the cylinder.... :)

There pretty much on a par in so many ways now, however you will get what you pay for...
If I do the math 10- 15 -20 = 45 do you really get 45 mins out of a 45 min bottle? I don't, it's more like 30 min
well bud honestly, out of the id say 35 vollies at my dept id say around 20 of them, along with myself can have a 45 min bottle last longer than 45 mins, its all about controling your breathing and everything... a 45 min air bottle last me normally like 65 mins...
Then I'm impressed there is not a guy at my department that can make them last that long.
i have used serval differnt types of pack from introspereo , scott and drager. they all have good parts and bad parts to them . i think that the best pack is a drager it is user friendly and one of the only packs that can be used under water to 25 feet , and not have problem , it is also the only pack that the bottle will fit any pack that is threaded. darger will also come out and tarin your members to repair the pack at you fire dept. this being a cost effective part of buying them , we all that if a pack goes down then taht one less member that can't get in to help on a fire.drager is also the only pack that doesn't breath back though the regulator on the exhale, it iis also the only one that you can total dunk in to water to clean . as for bottle size i would have liked to see 45 min. bottles but instead they got 30 min bottles. does it matter not really sure look at the aera that you are protecting and the size houses to do this . so good luck
Thanks, Joe!
Makes me want to have a good look at that Draeger airpack!

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