Hello everybody. I want to use this discussion to let everyone talk about what airport he is from or whatever he wants to say about his job.

Well, I'll do the start.
I'm a firefighter at Cologne Airport in Germany. It's the 4th biggest passenger airport in Germany and the 2nd biggest cargo airport. UPS has its europe hub there and FedEx is building a new huge hub this time. My fd consists of two firehouses with together 23 fire trucks. 104 firefighters do their job in a two-shift-system. 21 firefighter have to be there each 24 hours.

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well, right now im at goodfellow afb in the fire academy, i am almost done w/ the academy, i am goin to be based at dyess afb, texas and that base has B-1B lancers and C130H
My department does not come close. We do have UPS and Fed Ex. UPS flies a 1900 and Fed Ex flies 727. When it comes to operations we are one the busiest in the nation. Mostly do to student traffic. If you are wondering I work at Grand Forks International Airport in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Our department not only does ARFF, we also are Airport Operations. So you name it we do it. We work 8 hrs shifts. We are staffed 24/7 with at least one man. During the hrs from 0000 to 0530 we only have one on duty. Three units make up our apparatus. Two 1500 units and 1 ambulance. Last fall Fed Ex donated a 727 to us for training. What a great tool to have. It is nice to be able to practice on a real aircraft. Look for pictures later.

hello, i work at a company owned airport. i work for dhl out of wilmington,ohio.we have 2 stations and are manned 24/7. we have dc-8s,dc-9s,727s,767s,747s and a-300s plus a few smaller a/c. we run ems also
I am at the Buffalo-Niagara Int'l airport 2 miles East of Buffalo,new York (NO there is no snow now ,But the glycol pad has 2 feet by 6 feet by100 feet of stuff???) we do about 5 million passengers a year..

US AIR , Delta .American.United , Continental, Southwest and some commuters...Fed-Ex a-300 UPS A-300,dhl dc-9 AND fed-eX CARAVANS

SO WE GET TRAFFIC mostly EMS / First aids have had a few Automobile fires )aren't parking ramps fun...) the averages are an Aircraft alert about once a week ,building alarm / trouble call twice a week and EMS/First aid twice a day..

40 person dept. 4 shifts -4 on/4 off..
I work as a firefighter at Torp, 3. largest airport in Norway. 20 people dept. 5 men on each 9,5 hour shift (we close at night due to environmental causes, noise...) We also do airport operations, everybody got a special field/education.

Small airport compared to other countries, but we have a yearly passenger growth approx. 20%. Private owned airport, based on low-fare companies. We are not a hub.

We are a cat.7 airport, 3 firetrucks(rosenbauer panther), biggest aircraft operating today is Airbus 320 and Boeing 737-800.

Hi Everyone. I'm a member of the Syracuse Fire Department in Upstate New York (almost center of state). I am assigned to station #4 at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. At last count, we were the 8th fastest growing airport in the United States. We are currently staffed with 1 duty officer and 5 firefighters per shift. 4 platoons make up the ARFF Company with a Station Captain overseeing day to day ops with a Deputy Chief of Special Ops overseeing all special ops companies in the department (haz-mat, rescue, and ARFF) We respond with 2 heavy and 1 RIV along with a command vehicle. We also have a 1000 gallon foam trailer and spare heavy piece in quarters. We also store and maintain the department's mass decon trailer which we are all trained on. Aircraft that frequent our airport include everything from small general aviation to commercial 737, A-300, turboprops and cargo like 757, A-320, caravans. We also share our runways with the NY ANG 174th fighter wing which flies F-16 aircraft and soon will have the predator drones which we offer fire protection to along with the 174th's own fire protection group.
I am a former member of the Vermont Air National Guard, Fire Department, Burlington IAP, Burlington,VT.

Loved the memories and the friends. The Air Force has the best ARFF schooling and training.

To bad the national pro board will not honor this training and issue prior military servicemen a
FF1, FF2, Officer 1, Officer 2 and HazMat Certification without having to be re-tested.

I left the Air Guard with a 7 Level Classification - Supervisor.

Wouldn't trade the training, drills, midnight alarms, memories or the friends for anything.

Presently chief of a rural vol. f.d. with 26 members that has a state airport. No full time FF.

Once an ARFF, always an ARFF, it's always in your heart.
Dust here in Wilmington, N.C. (USA) I work at Wilmington International Airport where I am 1 of 5 full-time firefighters. We have 12 police officers that respond to fire & medical calls also as secondary responders so there is always 3 of us going out on runs. We have 3 commercial arlines as well as an active cargo business (FEDEX etc.) and a U.S. Customs office that keeps a lot of planes coming in & out of here. We have 1 ARFF station with 2 Oshkosh 1500 gallon ARFF trucks, a rescue boat, stairtruck, an ATV, and an equipment/rescue trailer.
Hi ya Dust

good ole Wilmington ....I vacationed at Jacksonville a couple times LOL...USMC

not being funny but do you tow the other equipment i.e. the boat or rescue trailer??

you take care

How long you been in ARFF and or firefighting

Yeah, I love Wilmington. My dad was stationed at Camp Lejeune along time ago and that is how we eventually ended up here. Yeah on Alert 2s our maint. dept. brings a truck over to the station and hooks up to the boat or rescue trailer in case we need them. I've been in ARFF for 8 years and structural as a volunteer for a little over a year now.
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort South Carolina and have also worked at the Memphis Airport for FedEx fire rescue
Chennault International Airport-Lake Charles, LA. We run a 24/48 shift with 3 crews. 3 ffs and 1 capt on duty all the time, 1 asst chief and 1 chief on duty mon-fri 7-5, so in total we've got 14 firemen. We've got 2 oshkosh 3000s and 1 e-one titan along with a medical truck (dodge single cab with a bed camper) and a rescue truck (for f250 quad cab). Our airport is mainly commercial, fed-ex gets worked on at aeroframes, the USAF gets their J-Star planes worked on at Northrop grumman, the military does touch-and-go flight training, and then we have several personal-owned-planes. We get maybe a call a week, usually always medical or a fire alarm. We're always training a minimum of 4hrs a day everyday with atleast 1 drill a day. We're lucky to have an old srapped DC-10 to train on. We're contracted out by Wackenhut Services Inc. (WSI) Its the best place to work really if you're wanting to learn and train to get all your certs.


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