I am new to the world of EMS. just recently got my EMT-B.. I did very well in class but i have to admit i am scared to death to get on the ambulance. They pounded it in our heads in class that the slightest screw up and you can loose your card..

We're taught that from the time of initial dispatch we should be doing "scene sizeup" thinking about the call and everything thing from equipment to take into the scene to possible hazards of the scene. I myself, paid very close attention during my ride time with class and saw alot. so when i go to a call instead of doing the "scene sizeup" i cant help but go over my "jess dont screw up list" in my head..

I myself feel that in this field, you can never learn enough and your always learning something new.. if by chance you feel that you know all there is to know about the field of EMS and will never need to learn anything else, then bow out gracefully before someone tells you how it is.. I am all for any advise, hints, suggestions or comments on how to overcome my fears on the ambulance.


UPDATE September 1, 2007

Thank you to EVERYONE who has offered advise, support, smiles and everything else offered..

You will all be happy to know that i FINALLY got forced into running my 1st call alone.

My mom was visiting for a weekend, and so around 1am or so the paramedic in town was on another call, and the BLS unit was dispatched for a "unknown problem". Since my mom was at the house i woke hubby up and told him i was taking the call, and he said ok c ya.. i smaked him and said get up your gonna be my driver..

Well as we approached the Fire House, i started to get scared and said if there was not another EMT up there , i wasnt going. when we got there i yelled to another member to ask if he was an EMT and he said " No but you are, GET YOUR ASS ON THAT AMBO.. "

I got on the ambo, went responding and listened to the info being provided to me. After listening to the report from dispatch, i knew that PD was on scene and one of the officers was also a EMT-P. so i knew my back up was already there waiting for me.. When we got on scene, i let dispatch know we were on location and grabbed what i thought i would need and went to my patient. Everything clicked. i remembered what to do. i didnt panic. and at the end of the call, i was really proud of myself.

All of your advise, comments and support gave me the know how to build up the little bit of confidence i needed to get out there and prove to myself that i can do this..

Thank you all.. I wish i could give you each a hug..


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As you go on your calls you will get more confidence, I too was scared at first. (I still have butterflies as they say, LOL) The more calls I went on I gained the confidence I needed. When I'm responding in town here during the day, often times I am by myself. It happens at work also, not as often as it had been as we have more on the team at work. When at work I have the newbies saying to me "Sure glad you're here!" It will come with time, just be patient. Keep it safe, Ron L. Firefighter/EMT-B
The best advice I can give you is to keep running the calls. The more you do that, the more experience you will gain. When those moments come that may make you nervous, your training and experience will take over. Having an open mind and a desire to learn helps, too. I've been certified as a paramedic in NC since 1998, and I know that I still haven't seen and learned everything there is to see and learn in this job. The absolute best thing you can do, is to relax. good luck out there!

You are so correct on having the right attitude. Emergency responders whether they be fire or ems are lifelong learners. I eat up anything and everything new on my training. just remember if you're not making mistakes, you're not learning.
Just remember your golden hour. If you can't wait for als to get on scene where they clearly need als, Run. Stabilize the patient within your scope and run. See if an als intercept can be arranged.

Re update

I am so proud of ya. Keep up the Good work.
good job on your first call! If you just run the stuff you need to do on each type of call, it will become more of a second nature and things will move more quickly....be safe out there and keep up the good work
Jess, what classes or what is the procedure to make sure I keep my EMT-B certification current and updated

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