how old do you need to be to start getting your EMT? im 15 and on a volunteer fire department. just started and recently went to my first call. so i am still new to this whole thing, and i love it. but i really am interested in being a fire fighter when i grow up. so i think getting my EMT is were i need to start.... i think????

so please help.

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Hunter, it sounds to me you have your sights on a career of your dreams. That's great and it will happen if you want it to. My advise to you, and don't take this the wrong way, but your still a little young. EMT and firefighting go hand and hand if your looking to make it a career.

You stated that your on a volunteer department so you'll see your share of fires. When the time is right I would pursue the EMT side of it first. Most departments require you to have your EMT certs. when applying for a firefighting job. Good luck, and stay safe!
Im not to sure and different states might have different age requirements but I think you must be 18 years old to be an EMT...But sounds like you have your sights set on a great career, Just like Rusty says previously...Good luck on your dreams of becoming a Firefighter/Emt
Depends on your State.....Most are age 18....sometimes you can get a waiver
Hi Hunter
Just by asking people in this business, I can tell you will be successful in your endeavors. Take the advice you are given. These people know! Since you are still pretty young - ok very young, enjoy it. Take advantage of that fact and learn as much as you can. There really is no rush to get into something at this point. But you can still get a good head start simply by visiting the EMS dept., and ask them for some guidance.
Research as much as you can on the internet. There is so much out there, just have to look.
Learn as much as you can so when the time comes for you to actually take the courses, you will be ahead of the game.
Stay in school above all. Without that, there is little chance you can be hired later down the road, no matter how good you are at fire or ems. If you don't graduate - well no need to elaborate on that.
Stay focused on the end result, but don't forget to have fun too.
i really am interested in being a fire fighter when i grow up.
In the meantime, while you are growing up, have fun and be safe!
Best of luck to you.

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