Anyone using the Code 3D simulation software. I got it earlier in the week and have been having a ball with it!

I've set up a truck vs train (With HAZMAT), also a car fire in a fuel station and this morning I've been duplicating our local shopping complex/town centre to run scenarios in...

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Where can we get the software and is it pricey? Thanks.
It's available here-

You'll need to go throug hthe registration process and it's very, very, very expensive- IT'S FREE!!!!
i think it´s pretty hard to register.
first you get a key that is good for 10 hours. if you want to use it longer, you need a permanent registration key. in order to get that you have to register this software and send them your hardware fingerprint.
they should have made it easier.
but i´m looking forward to test it!
I registered so now I'm just waiting for them to contact me. Thanks for the tip.
Took about 1 or 2 days- wasn't long to get back to me.

Emily ( ) is the guru who's been back and forth in touch with me getting me set up...

To Zippi- I'm pretty sure you need to go through that process for each PC you register it on- Emily may be able to help out there.
where do i get an copy
See my link above
Do you get an internal cab view when you're driving code 3?
JAcob, it's not a driving simulator. It's a firt person view and walkthrough of scenes that you and others create.

They can be HAZMAT, fires, EMS and loads of others...
Hey Everyone! I was told about this discussion forum and wanted to make sure you all know you can contact me with any questions you may have.

To get Code3D you go to and sign up. You'll get an account activation e-mail (If you want this faster, send me an e-mail and I'll put a rush on it) and be able to log in and download the product.

You will need a key to register the product and those are free. Right now the product is in beta and it is not necessary to use a hardware fingerprint. You can get the key from me and install Code3D on all of your department's computers.

In a few weeks the product will be out of beta and still FREE! When that happens, you will need to get a different key for each computer.

I know the process isn't the easiest, but in the end it will be what allows us to make Code3D better. (And our process is still easier than securing a trianing grant, right?) When we can say with 100% certainty how many computers Code3D is installed on we can get product manufacturers excited. Then they'll be willing to put their products into the art library making it more relevant to your training needs. Imagine instead of 3 fire trucks, you'd have 6 or 7 types to choose from!

Included with Code3D is free training and support! We teach 2 online classes each week, provide training tutorials and a manual. If you have any questions, please e-mail me through here or at and I'll be happy to help!

- Emily
I have this program and absolutely love it. My computer doesn't, as it's more program than my computer can handle if I go into a lot of detail. I created, and am still working on, an scenario where you have a delivery truck ram a building and explode. It's going great so far. I just need to get me a newer laptop. Anyone got one they can give me?????
They've just released the new Version 2- I haven't had a chance to install it yet and use it, but I beleive it has a few new features....

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