Whats one of your favorite free time activites to do at the firehouse? I know some of the paid guys don't get a lot of free time, but we all enjoy the tidbits we get when we do. For volunteers, how often does everyone just stop in the firehouse and hang out for a few hours?
Balls in your court.

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I agree with your point, but will add to it. It is the New people who undertake the emergency services route that need all of our dedication and time to ensure they get the proper training and experience as they won't get this on their own. If we want these newer recruits to be as dedicated and knowledgeable as we consider ourselves than it is equally our responsability to be sure they get the help they need.
A lot of people don't do this because it is extra work. The "why should I, noone else does" line is heard many times. Being able to put yourself above that level to continue to make your department a great place to be is excellant. Having pride helps, and it is taking the time to ensure the equipment is in order, the bays are swept out that will make your department a better place to be. Nothing beats a Weekend morning when your sweeping out the bays or "tinkering" and the tones dump. (whats the distance you have to walk, a hundred feet?)
Our firehouse seems to be located directly in the center of the town we live in which is awesome cause we all pop in and out all of the time. any given hour of the night,you'll drive by and see the flicker of the tv on..lol..
alot of us use the house for a get away..from our everyday stresses. I personally enjoy exerting excess energy and cleaning up around there..they joke with me and say...Fran must be mad again,the bay is clean....LOL..
If time permits I am building a model fire engine. Someday I'll get it put together.
I'll go down to the station and clean up, wash trucks, work on paper work. But I always open the doors so the public can see that someone is there for questions or what evere they need.
spending time w/ my kids and being out in the woods:)
Well when im not working, theres always guys up at the station, mostly the chief, the assistant chief, and the training officer, they all work at Turner Rescue, which is our EMS service in Turner, Rescue is in the same building as our central station.
Well we don't have anything like tv's or game tables, we have the office, and bays and trucks and that's about it!! We just finally got a bathroom put in...hmm maybe that's why I'm the only girl on the dept. the other ones didn't wanna have to go squat somehere lol! But we like to get together once a month and go to dinner as a family, and tease our awesome chief..We just bought him a little hat for dogs that looks like a fire helmet and says chief on it!!
im at the station 3 or more times a day .mostly just stoppin by, but if its rainy. i may stay there all day then go home after work hours . it helps i work for the city . everytime i go by im checking gear trucks shore lines
Freetime activities at the house.

Madden is a fav right now, but surfing the internet (for job related information of course Chief)

Actually Id say my alltime favorite activity in the station is cooking a big meal. It gets everyone together, helps build comradarie, and of course always tastes incredible.

As a vollie I hung around a bit, but not in the volume of time some on here profess to. I was either in school full time, or was already on the Paid Service, so I go enough firehouse time there.
I keep my steelhead fishing gear hot and ready because I am fishing everyday off. It is no time to have gear fail in 10F winter weather.

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