Is this just here in MO? Just wondering. Thanks

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Hi.....Wow...awesome I have a couple covered....I am a Medic...a Firefighter and a Nurse...Now I just need the time to go out....LOL...Stay safe.......Paul
Don't get to excited, nurses also don't mind cops, emts, other drs and sometimes anything on two legs. Can't count the times I have heard one of my officers come back with "the pyscho nurse I was screwing went all fatal attraction on me", or"man I think I need a checkup I may have something". BTW some of your fellow buddies have already gone through most of them so be careful and stay safe. Nothing like listening to the radio traffic and catching someone in a closet with a nurse makes my mind wander to Grey's Anatomy.
No, I am not Halligan......and you really should give that tool of yours a rest....don't want it to fail due to stress or rust up on you...Really hate it when that happens.......Stay safe Brother....Keep the faith.........Paul
Guess I better clarify I am talking Nurses, not emts or fellow FF's. (Can understand the last two groups)
I have no idea? haha when I join a department, I don't plan on dating any firemen!
they may dig firemen, but they adore medics.:) lol
This is funny but true because ems/ emergency personnel are the only people who understand the missing of dinners, holidays, late night nookie due to other people being in trouble no matter how much sleep you get
in the same time similar an different ways, it's my explanation, because the two works have stress and helping to people, but the work is different. In My country is a similar situation with EMS Service girls of the Red Cross.
This is very sound advice (which I'd like to thank you for) and I totally agree with you. I happen to have found a nursing assistant at a local hospital who sees me for the person that I am and not just the job that I do. I also see her for who she is and not just as another pretty face in nursing scrubs. We've already seen each other at our weakest and have become stronger as a couple.
well Ithink that so they can see each other more often and because they'll be in the same service
Hey now. I'm from Wisconsin, I like that women are in the fire service ;) And I don't consider them "lesser" either. I'd rather have a female taking care of me in rehab anyway... hehe just kidding. I don't mind, man or woman, long as they are qualified to do their job. And trained properly I guess is what I mean :)
Could be the image. Not man careers out there provide the same physical exertion, adrenaline rush, and most of all the Hero image.

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