Mine was: Dispatched to a MVA at a highway crossing (speed limit 70MPH) upon arrival I found out it was my 16 yo daughter who had pulled in front of anouther car. everyone survived, but I dont think I took a breathe for 5 minutes. see attached photo

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responding to an accident infront of our firestation for a 2 car MVA, and arriving at the station to see my chie'f car smashed in the driveway that the trucks come out of, and the drunk driver on the other side of the road. Because billy wasnt hurt as badly as the other driver, we had to focus our attention on her and spend 45 mins cutting her out of the car. Billy broke some ribs and shatterd an ankle along with some other inuries.
On scene at a MVA standing by per request of SCHP after the patient was transported until they uprighted the vehicle. Tow truck was positioned on the shoulder on one side with our rescue truck positioned about 500' towards the flow of traffic, SCHP patrol car and our engine was positioned off the road on the shoulder on the opposite side. Coned off half of the oncoming lane (it was 0300 and maybe one other vehicle had passed the entire time we were on scene) with the Trooper handling traffic control.
My crew and I was standing approx 10' off the roadway in full turnouts (it was cold, thankfully) when we hear the Trooper yell at us to look out. I turned just in time to see the taillights of the car about a foot away from me. The vehicle struck the wrecker, flipped onto it's roof, skidded across the road striking the SCHP car on the driver's side rear door, and pivoted around just enough to kiss the front bumper on our engine. We stood there for a second, then realized we needed to check on the driver. I went to take a step and call dispatch on the radio to report the accident. I took about two steps when my knees buckled, and I started stammering on the radio. All I could think about was the fact I almost lost my entire crew. After a moment I I regained my composure and we started extricating and treating the patient. However every time I am near a lane of travel since that incident I take more precautions, and I pretty much keep my head on a swivel.

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