i'm wanting to take fire and safety services in college and was just wounderin if its worth it...as in the pride and joy u get of helping ppl...and does anyone kno the salery for the job?

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Hun, we don't do it for the money its going to based on the cost of living in your area. You will make more if you work for a private service then you will if you work for a public department. Most importantly you have to love it and know you will make enough to live.
Hey.....SLOW DOWN...!!!Tou haven't even been hired yet and you are talking Officer status...?? Get some experience...both for you AND the men you plan on commanding...There is nothing in the world like an officer that has 2 years on the job and 20 years experience....Get hired...make probation....learn the job.....then, maybe, just maybe now....you might be qualified to have an interview....Lots of other people have those same jobs in their sights as well....good luck....you will need it...Stay safe...and always keep the faith....Paul
If you really wanted to help people it wouldn't matter what the salary was! Try volunteering
is it worth you ask? being a 3rd gen firefighter. the rush and feeling of help people at their worst shows to the public that we are at our best. no matter what the call is car accident or house fire. even a simple little co call, we still go the police say to protect and serve . i say the say with us. we are the cities customer service dept, iof you think about it . god only knows how many times i have been late to events becouse of calls or dinners missed. my uncle had fire in the midle of getting ready for his weddding . the truck was manned by my grandfather driving and the rest of the family on the back step. it was the best dressed fire company in north haven conn. the chief was like wow . they did the job in tuxs and went to the wedding right after. talk about pissed my grandmother almost killed all the guys . so you ask if it is worth it . and every one will say yes no matter if paided or volunteer we are all professials . good luck
Take as many courses that you can get a gloved hand on. The more courses that you have under your belt, the higher up you will go on the list when it gets to that point in the hiring process.

For example I want to test again with the City of Phoenix. The last time I tested with them, the city hosted the cpat. I have to get back into college and get that certification myself.

I initially took issue with having to pay for it,s but it is beneficial to have a cpat certification. With it ,you can go to multiple departments and it will count.

Expect a lot of brutal honesty in this job and do whatever it takes to keep ur nose clean. Remember that it is the little things that we think are insignificant that mean the most to the citizens that we all serve.

God bless
Erin Tarver

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