Should departments run federal Q's or not?

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A fire truck is't a fire truck without a Q.
When people hear the "Q"they know a fire truck is coming. I have noticed when driving, that people get out of the way sooner when they hear the "Q" versus the siren.
the "Q" will move traffic it's the sound of the fire truck coming the Q and the air horn will move more traffic than those electronis sirens any day I could not imaging a truck without THE Q on the bumper it's as american as baseball,apple pie and mom
a siren isnt a siren unless the lights dim when the pedals hit for the q
I agree when you here a Q everyone knows theres a fire appartus comming
i'll take the Q over any other siren any day
You mean there are other kinds of sirens? GOSH......
You mean that old heavy outdated takes 10 minutes to wind down,traffic movin, attention gettin,crowd pleasin Q.AbsolutlyQ's forever
Gotta have the others have said before nothing gets the public's attention and gets the way cleared like a Q.
With vehicle interiors getting quieter and quieter, and boom boxes getting louder and louder, I'll take the ear splitting Q any day of the week!
A real fire engine is not a fire engine without a Federal Q! NO Peanut Whistles! With a peanut whistle you dont know whats coming down the road whether it is an ambulance or a police car!
Nothing moves traffic quite like a "Q" and a good set of lights

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