Im looking at buying either a helmet light or a right angle flashlight for my jacket, im leaning more towards the helmet light because of weight. Could you share your experience with both or which you prefer? Any help would be appreciated.

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Both, and a light in my coat pocket for backup.
I dont think anyone on our Dept. currently uses a RA Light we have streamlight helmet lights, some of us have the newer 3 wat L.E.D. versions. but when we pack up as a Dept. we felt the RA lights hanging on the jackets becomes a hassle. and slows down the pack up time. and also gets in the way. and with the helmet lights it is NOT very hard to grab the light and slide it out of the holder.
i use both i like my helmet light for car accidents because where i look the light is there, but i like my 45 when im crawling in training and playing hide and go seek with the dummy lol. makes life really nice having both.

im actually having a hard time because my helmet mounts cant hold up to my abuse, so im looking for a new light and bracket i found 1 i like called the black jack you might want to look into it seems like a very stable platform.
We use the Streamlight TLR-3 Tactical Rail-Mounted C4 LED Light. We have also used the "little Ed" Streamlight right angle light. The Little Ed works great for what its made for. Just no substitute for a hands free light that keeps on giving.
we are only issued with pocket tourchs went to a mva the other week in the middle of the nite and i would of given my left nut for a helmit light
I use a Pelican 2100 series refracted LED. This thing is super bright. Also, Blackjack helmet brackets makes a bracket that fits the light and can be placed on any helmet.
Helmet light only which I had to purchase out of pocket. However love it.
I would say say go with both because on some things you are not going to have your turnout coat: minor TCs, EMS in the street, etc. You also always want to have a back up just in case. I am an Explorer and for our training excercises and my ride alongs I always have a helmet light and a Pelican in my turnout pants. I'm going to get a right angle (Streamlight Survivor LED or a Big Ed) soon.

Does anyone have preference over the Survivor or the Big Ed?
I didn't read all of the posts, but I would recomend both. The weight is insufficent to make any real difference. The only other thing I would say with a helmet light is if you are on say an MVA and have to talk to anyone you will be blinding them wiht the light.

If you have found a light that works well in smoke, please share it!
I use both. for my jacket i have a survivor led it is great for my helmet i use a little lifelite flashlight that i bought from walmart for a couple bucks and last for a long time. i also always grab a light off the rig. some might think thats a lot of lights but when your in trouble and need a light guaranteed if you only have one it will be dead. i prefer survivor only because i have never used a big ed. but the survivor led is great itll light up a room like its daytime.

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