I was wondering who all has policies on the use of reflective vests while operating on open roads. I was also wondering what brand and style of vest you use?
Thanks for all your replies!!!

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I think the requirement is DOT level 3. Something to do with the amount of reflective striping on them. Whatever it means, we all wear them whenever we're on an MVA. Otherwise, anyone doing traffic control or spending their time near the road wears them.
we wear them on any road ways... unless your figthering a fire or operating rescue tools. We use the type that is all break way not sure what kind.
On my dept. are moto is if your feet it the street your vest is in on your chest. All MVA we have our vest on over our bunker gear. On a structure fire if your the driver/engineer you are to put your vest on.
We have a policy, If you are not involved in firefighting or vehicle rescue you must have your vest on even if you're in your PPE. After the fire is out or the rescue is finished your vest goes on. I got a e-mail from Harbor Freight today, they have vest for under $ 5.00 on sale. They don't have to be those $25.00 jobs to meet the law, but I would buy the break-way type, in case some a-hole gets you caught in his side of his vehicle he or she are driving....
THE Dept im in has to wear vests we use 5 point tear away you have to wear them even if you do have turnout gear on except for fires
It has been stated several times in this and other threads that the use of high visibility vests whilst working on rtoads is now a Federal Law in the USA. If that is the case, why would you need SOP's, SOG's or FD policies about their use? It's law, so use them. Simple?
We have the 5 point breakaway reflective vest. We are to wear them on any type of call on any highway. If we are in the HOT zone/using extracation equip we can take them off. We have them over top our bunkers ready to go and can easily be removed. Not sure of the ANSI/NFPA satndard #. I have been hearing they run between 35-55 bucks depending if you get them printed with Dept name or not.
Anytime we are working on or within 10 feet the roadway we are required to wear traffic vests. We just flip through Galls magazines and find the cheapest. Look for vests that are ANSI Class 2 compliant and break away. People are saying lime green is required however Oregon Dept of Transportation is still wearing Orange. Not sure if they're trying to Identify between construction and emergency services.

Also bunker gear, turnouts, etc are acceptable for high viz standards.

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