I am wondering how your department's clear members to drive and operate your trucks. I am from a volunteer department and it seems to problem with us. We do have standards, but it seems to be over looked by new members who think they can just jump in and go. What are your standard operating procedure on this topic.

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Craig, You seem to have proven yourself in a situation where no one knows what counts. If there is no policy in writing, its all up for grabs and there is nothing for anyone to adhere to. Chiefs need to talk. MPAWT.
I would check before it became an issue and you were left out to dry.
In Florida you used to need a class D license and then EVOC but class D is no longer so you now need class E and then EVOC. Class E is up to 26,001 pounds.
We have SOP's that pretty much say that if you are on probation you can not drive. If you have not taken the department driving course you can not drive. You must know how to pump each vehicle before you can drive it. You also have to drive with a captain or higher to show that you can handle driving the vehicles. We dont have a problem with it because we make it well known that until we tell you that you can drive dont even think about getting in the drivers seat.
in our dept new recruits are required to drive at least 8 hrs with a experienced driver and maybe more if needed and also they need to have their ff1 cert also. We also set up a course at least once a year to brush up on driving
1. Obtain a Class B CDL Learners Permit.
2. Take(and pass) written/driving CEVO tests.
3. Complete 40 hours of Officer supervised driving.
4. Obtain Class B CDL.

Thats it in a nutshell!

CDL-B with Tank Endorsement DOT License
In-House Driver Training for each piece
In House Pump Training for each piece
Certified EVOC
Certified Pumps-1
You have to be a member for 2 years and 21 years old (insurance reasons). You then begin to train on the light rescue. After you prove proficiency in that rig, and pass the drivers test, you may move up to a pumper. It takes a few years to get trained on all of the apparatus. You are then required to retest each year. You must prove proficiency in driving and operating the apparatus, including knowledge of where things are, and apparatus placement.
First, we have to take EVOC. To be able to drive a truck, even brush trucks, you have to be 21 with a valid drivers license. You have to do 8 hours of drive time with other members that are already signed off on that truck. You have to have at least 2 hour of pump training, and have knowledge of the equipment on the truck. After you are done with that, you are required to go for an hour evaluation with our main station captain. If he feels you are not ready, you don't get signed off, and have to do more drive time or pump time.
Well we do have a board meeting Sun. I will check it out. Thanks Lt.
in our dept., you have to be 21, valid d.l., and be able to operate the apperatus. we are a vollie dept. so manpower varies from call to call, but most of the time the chief or asst. chief is at the station first and they drive or assign a QUALIFIED person to drive. i am not for sure about the cdl's. i don't have them, but it has never come up that i get them. i don't drive very often due to the distance from my house to the station. i usually go p.o.v. does anyone know the georgia law concerning this?
i am over a vol department and we have always made our drivers go through a evoc class and now the state maintains we do driver trainer every year. on top of this you still have to drive either myself or the asst chief around and pass a checklist we came up with years ago

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