Do you recognise the FF/ EMS Personnel in the attached photos? I have important information for him.

I am trying to contact the gentleman in the attached photos as I have important information he should be in receipt of. I can assure you he has done nothing wrong, nor am I chasing him for anything.
I have been advised he is working for the EMS services. Do you or your colleagues recognise him? If so; would you be kind enough to advise me or ask him to contact me directly on either or 00 44 1566 770 751.
Thank you for your help.

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Annie, do you have this person's name or any idea what part of the country (USA?) he might be in?
Annie, please check your private messaging.
yes Atlanta area. Do you know him?
I'm from the Chicago area. No I don't know him, but i thought I might be able to help if I had more information. Do you know his name? Does he work for the Atlanta F.D?
Annie, Strictly out of curiosity, are you serving this guy with divorce papers, is he in trouble or something else? If I was trying to not be found, it sure would suck to have someone within the FFN rat you out if it was not warranted. Not that your post infers that there is anything negative about your search but the vagueness makes me suspicious... I would caution anyone immediately having the desire to provide someone with any information about them unless you had the direct permission from that person. I think the appropriate way to handle this would be to make contact with the person, advise them of this email and let them handle it. This should be handled no different than someone calling the fire station and asking for someone's home number. Would you give that out so freely? I don't think so...
Additionally, after looking up your FFN Personal Profile, I noted that you do not indicate any association with a fire department. Again, your post is highly suspicious...
Good point, Mike! I didn't think about that. I'd hate to be an instrument of evil! LOL
This could start a whole different discussion her Brian. I suppose this could serve as a good example of how we care and protect one another. Only we can screw with our own... it's just the way it's been and will always be... : ) Ah.. tradition... Mike
i would not rat my brother out if it from the uk maybe a million dollars with his name on the check
hmmmm... what's interesting here is that she never responded back... again, highly suspicious...
Hi Brian and Michael

I am sorry, you are quite right it is most rude of me not to give you a reply. I have written to the web chief with an explanation, also giving more detail, about the gentleman and why I am trying to find him. I am just waiting for his approval to post it on the discussion board, hopefully he will agree to this, and allow me to do so.

I appreciate that you are concerned for a fellow colleague; I can assure you the gentleman in the photo has done nothing wrong, nor am I chasing him for anything. All I can say at this moment in time, is that I am an honest genuine and sincere lady. Who has only good intentions.
His name is Bart Simpson. He is emplyoed by the Springfield fire department.


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