What radio frequency is your department used. And do you use more than one frequency.

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Is the frequency UHF,VHF, or something else.
My F.D. operates on 154.3100 (Ducomm Fire West). There are several other F.D's operating on this freq as well. We've also got several fireground channels.
Low band, 46.42 MHz. We have 8 low band and recently acquired 8 UHF frequencies as well.
we use two different freq due to going on calls in two different counties.. High band , and low band... .. Two pagers we have to wear...
Back when I was a scanner junkie, I used a book from Radio Shack that listed all the frequencies for Fire, Police, Public Works, School buses, etc. for all 50 States. They print a new one every year.
Can't they incorporate both freqs into one pager? I know some guys around here who work for 2 different F.D's that have done that. Just a thought, stay safe!
MOney Money Money.. it's all about the green lol

we have 2 channels
We use a VHF High Band county wide radio system for all departments in the county. All are dispatched on the same freq. If no other call is going on you can stay on that freq. if something else is going on then dispatch will reassign you to another freq. In all we have 14 channels, 3 are county wide TAC channels(channels 12-14) that even the PD have in their radios so that we can all communicate when needed. Channel 1 is dispatch and channel 2 is also countywide work channel. Channel 3-12 is geographicly seperated freqs that include 1 repeater freq and 2 work channels

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