Okay, so maybe I'm being extra bitchy today or something but I've just got this need to vent all my pet peeves.

First, I think it should be a $1000.00 fine if you don't have your house numbers CLEARLY visible from the street(facing both directions) in reflective numbers at least 4" in size.

And I know this second one is not very sensitive(politically correct), but I have a problem with rolling on medical calls to people(especially diabetics) who refuse to take care of their health problems and call us to bail them out when things go bad. I am a T2 diabetic and I control my diabetes entirely with diet and excercise, so I tend to have a diminished amount of sympathy for a 500lb diabetic patient with hypertension who calls 911 with a neglected foot wound and proceeds to blow cigarette smoke in my face and complain about being tired all the time while I'm trying to dress an ulcer that is going septic because they refuse transport. Knowing that we will be back in a week or so to help EMS carry them out of the living room to the ambulance to go to the Med Center to have the wound treated and try and save the foot.

Okay, I've vented and feel MUCH better now. Thanks for listening!!


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One of my pet peeves is the fact that when a volunteer crew comes on they cannot do a proper truck check.
Then when their shift is over if they have worn an SCBA or used equipment, the straps are not let out all of the way and tools are still dirty.
Another one of the biggest pet peeves that I have is goes along with the issue of pride. I hate that when I come on duty the truck is DIRTY. I was always taught that you come on shift to a clean truck and you always leave the oncoming shift with a clean truck.
I'm with you on the last one Lutan. One of my peeves is that in the year 2008 we still have brothers and sisters dying due to failure to wear seatbelts! It's not like seatbelts are "new" technology or anything. We know that they save lives, yet some still do not wear them. Enough said. Stay safe, people!
As far as "bullshit" medical calls... You never know exactly what the call entails until you actually make contact with the pt at the scene. It can be totally different than what dispatch tells you. I could say the same fire fire calls. I've lost count of how may times we've responded to an "activated fire alarm" only to find burned food on the stove! The next AFA could be the real thing! Food for thought (no pun intened).
I have a pet peeve.

People on cell phones not only do you have these people on cell phones driving threw accident scenes trying to get a look at what is going on but they will not even put the dam thing down when you have the road closed and are trtrying to turn them around.

A now you have firemen who stand there at wrecks or fires using them to take pictures and send them to their friends. Or they stand there texting them instead of paying attention to what they are doing it has gotten so bad that we brought it up at our meetings and told our members we do not want them to bring them to calls anymore.

We should be allowed to take them off of them and smash them.
Sound like your F.D needs to write an SOP on cell phone use. Unless you're taking a picture of a MOI (mechanism of injury) to show the ER staff, you've got no business playing with a cell phone at a scene. That's my 2 cents... stay safe!
Can't the EMT/Paramedic on the engine get a signed release from the pt if no transport is neccessary?
We are working on updating our protocals to cover this issue.
Gotcha, I see how that would be a pain in the a$$, especially if it happens alot. Our EMS protocols are a little different here, EMT's can get refusals after consulting with medical control. Also anytime an ambulance is requested and one of ours is not available, an engine responds and a mutual aid ambulance is dispatched so we're never really waiting long. I guess I'm kind of spoiled in that regard.
firemen who stand there at wrecks or fires using them to take pictures and send them to their friends.
Bump this one up to consider what ring tone is currently on members phones- I was OIC at a fatality which had numerous relatives on scene some time ago and one of our members phones rang and the tone was the tune "Happy Birthday".

Not good!
My phone has the tones from the old TV show, "Emergency!".
i got about every siren tone there is but dont use ph on sceine
I should have added that when I'm on duty my phone is on vibrate mode. It helps avoid embarassing situations!

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