Well I want to hear from the extrication guru's about vehicle stabilization. You are first due on this accident. What are you going to order your crew to do on arrival?




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In reverse order, on the one hanging from the wires, I'm going to:

1) call for the electric utility company
2) establish an exclusion zone at least two power poles away in both street directions and at least 50 feet in all other directions
3) send one firefighter across the street with a bullhorn and binoculars to determine if anyone is obviously in the car, and if so, to direct them to stay put
4) call for a ladder company, a heavy rescue (if no already dispatched), a wrecker with large-capacity twin booms, another chief as the Safety Officer, additional medic units if more than one patient is present, and any other resources that I may need. I'll call for two additional engines and put them in Level II staging.

If the car is unoccupied, I'll start a search for the lucky occupants.
Otherwise, we'll wait until the power is cut, use the wrecker and extrication struts to stabilize, work from ladders, and package and extricate the patients.

The first one is relatively easy - use four long extrication struts to support the unstable vehicle under the B and C posts on both sides, stabilize the lower car with cribbing, use H-D ratchet straps to lock the two vehicles together, then start the extrication. If the large, twin-boom wrecker is available, I'd use it here as well.

I've left out some detail in the interests of time.
Well first off I would not claim to be an extrication guru by any means but both good scenarios to make you think. Bottom pic I would want to know a few things first. Is it occupied? I am assuming those are only cable and phone lines, if not we have a bigger issue than stabilizing. Stabilizing would be difficult. Struts come to mind. Possibly a strap to an axle, frame or through the windows around the roof to a chain or rope to the utility pole. Local tow company would be able to help if available. Bring the patients out the back window once stabilized if possible. Nice one. Struts for the top pic and maybe some cribing between the hood and the upended vehicle. Seen the picture before but never really thought about it. Those are my quick thoughts.

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