The picture above shows a "helmet rack". Is this something available on the web? Are there other options?

This is a simple post that I am writing to see how other firefighters display their fire helmet collection at home. Is there anything besides setting them on a shelf or hanging them straight down on a wall? How do you display your fire helmet collection?

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Most of my helmets live on shelves of one sort or another. I have tried various type of supports for some, wig stands, styrofoam heads, wooden plinths etc., but as they too have to stand on shelves they often create a bigger problem.

I now only use styrofoam heads for helmets that won't display well any other way or, as in this picture, to help squeeze "themed" helmets together.

I find shelving to be cheap and flexible and, with over 200 helmets, that counts for a lot.

However, if someone has come up with something better I'd sure want to see it.
Wow, what an impressive collection and method of display. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one. No nozzles, badges or patches? They must be on another wall... :D Thanks for sharing.  CBz

As my wife says my display of dust collectors!

 some of the antiques and such collected over the years


Thanks for the compliment, the picture is of my London Fire Brigade collection, every general issue helmet (but one) since the turn of the century and some R&D and specials. No nozzles, badges or patches but a huge collection of European helmets and over 250 scale models of fire appliances (most of them replicas of actual machines).  And yeh, the rest of the collection is on other walls, a 2000 sq.ft basement and most of it given over to helmets and fire trucks.

It's a lonely world being a fire helmet collector, no one else seems to understand the fascination, but it fills my retirement hours.


I have about 10 helmets hanging on the wall of my den. People are really surprised to hear that every one of them was worn by me at one time during my 30+ years (so far) in the Fire Service. They do need periodic cleaning, but nothing too major.
cool collection really like the old extinguishers
Me too. Any secret to making them shiny, forever, if there is such a thing?

I've tried loads of things in the past but the best so far is ..... nail varnish!  That's clear nail varnish - crushed coral or vermilion red don't look so good on brass.   Dilute it down about 5:1 with acetone and apply it with a very soft artist paint brush (an airbrush would be the best thing, but who keeps one of those around just-in-case).  The neat thing is that it is almost undetectable.

Now it won't last forever but I've had it last for 10 or more years, after that you have to clean it down with acetone and re-polish for another application.


it is best to leave them the way you find them..the patina

I have to disagree, these things are historical artifacts and should be conserved.

Leaving the "patina" on allows them to slowly degrade, I'm all for conserving and protecting them.

Mine are hung down the wall in a upside down "v" in a little den. My dad's old helmet hangs in the center above my brothers and mine retired helmets, with a spot reserved below mine for my daughters helmet whenever it gets retired. The three that are on the wall proudly wear unpreserved battle scars, since they are really only there for my families enjoyment
i put them next to the pic of the person tht it belong to an it hangs under there pic

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