When Backdraft came out on the big screen I thought that it was the best firefighting film made, not too many movies are made about our line of work. That has all since changed when Ladder 49 made it's big screen arrival in 2005. This movie was done they way all firefighting movies should be done, ride along's,research on the the subject being filmed. Producer Casey Silver and director Jay Russell did all of that. Most importantly the actors went and did their homework for the roles they would be portraying in the movie. It was nice to see the actors go and get the academy training to see how and what we deal with in our line of work.

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I have to agree with Matt totally! When I went through the academy we talked a lot about both of these movies
I agree that they did a better job making the video than the movie Backdraft through their research. The part that most people (even some firefighters) tend to forget is that it is still just a work of fiction.
With the exception of the 9-11 video with Robert Dinero, name 1 firefighting "real" video that has done anything. Real deal firefighting is a great show for firefighters, but doesn't appeal to the average Joe and Jane's of the world. Adding romance and a fictional storyline sells video's.
Backdraft. Even then I thought it was a poorly made movie. Yes, I watched the movie. Still poorly made. My opinion. It gave the public false indication of what it is really like to fight fire. I had people ask me. Is that what it is really like? I looked at them and said "you've got to be kidding me. That was strickly hollywood. There was nothing real about that movie." Again My opinion

Ladder 49 Yes it was a better made movie. Like Matt said they done there research.

You want to see a real video. Obtain a copy of the live filming of the World Trade Center Tower 1 on 9/11. That one was made by the Naudet brothers. They were french brothers. It started out as following a FDNY rookie named Tony thru training to E-7 and L-7 house. Just few blocks from the World Trade Center. They had no idea how that was going to end.
Honestly, I like both movies a lot. The thing that you all point out, I also totally agree with, Ladder 49 is more well made, but I still love both of them.
Towering Inferno is a classic.
What's the name of the movie with Robert Dinero in it?
I think a big problem with trying to create a realistic firefighting movie is that the average joe, like Engineco913 said, wouldn't be that interested in it. How many normal people do you know that would enjoy watching basically heavy smoke on their screen with some glimpses or reflective tape and an orange haze?
I echo that.......Towering Inferno is one of my favorite movies of all time.
Simple name of the movie is 9-11. The Naudet brothers made the documentery with a firehouse in the FDNY coverage zone. Robert Dinero narrated the video. It aired on CBS not long after the attacks on the twin towers.

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